Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sounds of the Morning.

The reason i chose to work on this assignment is because, we sometimes take life for granted. We go to bed thinking that tomorrow is gauranteed, but is it really - no its not. We have no clue if we are going wake up and participate in our daily routines and yet sometimes we live life like we have nothing to lose. Procrastination. The created piece highlights morning activites within a home. Live Life.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007


So my cool peers, Garry's World is up and running, WELCOME - took me a little while but hey oH.. lookit what i say oOoh! Below are a few gadgets and gizmo's incorporated in the crazy life i live. But before i get into that, on the left is my most prized possession. I don't own an iMac or a Mac book or an iPod either but what i do own is ............................ wait for it .......... AAPL aka apple stock. I wasn't a big fan of apple, but i thought it would be a good investment considering people went mental went the ipod's launched. However, this program, IASC, is slowly changing my opinion on em' - apple's are cool, i want one!

-Guitar Hero I or II - whatever floats your boat
11:40pm - September 18th 2007 1:27pm - September 19th 2007

One of the most fascinating innovations i think, not necessarily the best, is Guitar hero II. It such a simple concept i'm surprised no-one thought about it earlier. For those that are unaware of Guitar hero, its basically a music video game where the player uses a guitar shaped peripheral to play rock music as notes scroll towards the player

Quite honestly, i was really skeptical about this game. I couldn't see myself rock'n on a toy guitar, C'MONNN, but i was so wrong. I've played this game everyday since we got it, it's definitely grown on me - call me jimmy hendrix or eric clapton because i can kick some serious ass @ this game, not really i suck. What frustrates me about this game is that, your fingers do get sore very easily, then again it could be because i'm still a noob, but its stilll frustrating.

Compaq R4000
2:15am - September 18th 2007
7:30pm - September 19th 2007

I remember when i got my laptop, i had to wait 30 minutes till i got home. The longest 30 minutes of my life. I got it back in 2004/5 when 512mb ram and 100G was the bomb, now not so much.

I can stand the fact that i'm not able to run various programs, i can stand the fact that my laptop is slower than a 2G ram super laptop, i can stand the fact that it weighs a ton, but what drives me absolutely insane, sometimes when i type, my cursor will jump within the page. >>>?<<< . Let me explain. For example i'll be typing on line 8 and then all of a sudden boom, i'm on line 2, splitting up words, hitting the backspace and readjusting my cursor to line 8. I definitely need an apple.

Sony Ericsson W810i

6:36pm-September 18th 2007
4:19pm - September 19th 2007

My cellphone is my life. That sounds a little dependent but its true. I don't own a house phone, so basically, every call i make is from my cellphone. This actually was a replacement that i bought, i owned a Motorola SLVR L8 , sweet phone. I lost it in Montreal, i think the cleaning ladies stole it, i only had it for one summer. Curious about what the phone looks like, look it up, its not too shabby. Anyhow the Ericsson, I think the surface is scratch resistant, because i can honestly say i've dropped it numerous times and its still scratch free. I'm pretty satisfied with the phone but the thing that frustrates me, its almost impossible to use mp3's as your ring tone. The phone has mp3 capabilities but it won't let me use em' as ringtones. If u ask me that's just cruel, a tease really.